oaa in a sentence

  1. Iraklio OAA further administers competitive departments for tennis, table tennis and chess.
  2. OAA either enters into TCA cycle or converts into aspartate in the mitochondria.
  3. In 1972 Amendments to the OAA added the national nutrition program for the elderly.
  4. The OAA includes Audi, GM, Google, Honda, Hyundai and Nvidia.
  5. Orient Aviation said the OAA is setting up a task force to address these problems.
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  7. An instruction was three decimal digits ( the sign is ignored ) in the form OAA.
  8. In 2008, OAA acquired General Flying Services, based in Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia.
  9. The OAA is also engaged in collateral agreements and customer provider relationships with other Federal agencies.
  10. Robert Peel, the OAA's technical director, was quoted as saying by the magazine.
  11. Frank Wickson was elected the President of the Ontario Association of Architects ( OAA ) in 1900.
  12. In the subsequent years the OAA has grown enormously in terms of membership and ability to assist the School.
  13. OAA is a major feeder school for Oakwood University, with a significant number of graduates matriculating to Oakwood University.
  14. In 2013, the Social Welfare Department began accepting applications for OAA from Hong Kong residents who lived in Guangdong.
  15. The glutamate produced by OAA as above gains an NH 3 to become a Glutamine and enters the circulation to reach kidneys.
  16. Other programs, such as those under the OAA, Medicare, Medicaid, and initiatives in the arts and humanities continue to survive.
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