oa in a sentence

  1. A pair of OA-10 observation planes were quickly dispatched.
  2. These evolved Maltusians later moved to Oa and named themselves Oans.
  3. Simon and B'dg dispatch him to the planet Oa.
  4. Gamble / Lilley drove their Corvette conservatively to finish 10th OA.
  5. The Guardians fled Oa, but Jordan stayed to confront Legion.
  6. It's difficult to find oa in a sentence.
  7. Hal reveals that the Central Power Battery on Oa is weakening.
  8. Both Oa's sun and the Guild Nest are destroyed.
  9. Afterwards, the bodies of Alpha Lanterns were interned on Oa.
  10. The " nautical star " symbolises the " OA " career.
  11. Several risk factors of CMC OA of the thumb are known.
  12. Mosi-oa-tunya, Smoke-That-Roars
  13. Since 1991, duyr lr oa rannmdlg ega a ie icoei s dtshUnwosdnT
  14. The companies include TelecomAsia, Sahaviriya OA and Grand Sports.
  15. The OA program sponsors several events, awards, and training functions.
  16. The OA is a part of the Boy Scout program.
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