oa(office automation) in a sentence

  1. With the development of information technology , oa ( office automation ) system plays a more and more important role in enterprise " s daily work
  2. Modern oa ( office automation ) system in this thesis aims at knowledge management and information integration with workflow automation
  3. Computer was invented in 1946 , in the recent 10 years ; the application of computer was penetrated into society ' s different fields day by day , for example management , oa ( office automation ) and so on
  4. With the diversification , complication and efficient requirement of modern official business , the oa ( office automation ) has developed fast and been used in many fields . as the result , it promotes the enterprise and work department development at high speed , raises labor productivity and competitive strength
  5. Application engineering development will build all kinds of application system , like digital library , modern distance education system ( network education system ) , resources databases , oa ( office automation ) and vod ( video on demand ) system etc . if it is spread and used , it will improve the efficiency of the management , and extend the school running ability
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