oa equipment in a sentence

  1. 3 . applied in home electronic appliances , communitcaiton system , illumination , oa equipment , satellite tv receiving system , military fields and so on
  2. In addition , we have built up a solid reputation in the oa equipment field by supplying stable , high - quality products thanks to the line automation of our inspection equipment
  3. Electronic equipment such as audiovisual equipment and white goods , and oa equipment , in which a reduction in power consumption is required during standby , as well as a range of electronic equipment including control power supplies for security and industrial equipment
  4. 《 office equipment technology and information 》 is the only authoritative technicality magazine about reprography industry in china . the magazine could be used by all corporations and personals taking on office - auto . equipment and consumable technology developing , research , using , serving and selling . its contents include direction , extending production , technology communion , experience of serving , testing and managing , knowledge popularization about oa equipment
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