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  1. Hi, I am a very wet behind the ears Nubi.
  2. Nubi has the prefixing, suffixing and compounding processes also present in Arabic.
  3. Nubi said as tears welled in his eyes.
  4. Nobiin should not be confused with the Arabic-based creole Ki-Nubi.
  5. He is also the younger brother of relay runner and two-time Olympian Mubarak Al-Nubi.
  6. It's difficult to find nubi in a sentence.
  7. Mohammed Nubi, a frail 14-year-old, sat alone in the corner of the car.
  8. Also because of this, Nubi said, many more women who have been raped are afraid to come forward.
  9. Then there is also the Direr or Nubi, these people are a collection of tribes and their religion is Islam.
  10. It was Nazu's neighbor Safi Nubi who tried to get the police to investigate the assault on Nazu and her daughters.
  11. There is also a sizeable Moslem community, mostly of Nubi ( in Uganda ), especially in trading areas like Adjumani, Dzaipi and Nimule.
  12. Al-Nubi Mubarak of Qatar, representing the Asian team, finished second in 48.17 and Dinsdale Morgan of Jamaica was third at 48.40 for the Americas team.
  13. Unlike his previous Olympic feat, Al-Nubi started with a clear foul, but quickly redeemed himself to touch the ground at a satisfying leap of 7.41 m on his second attempt.
  14. At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Al-Nubi qualified for his second Qatari squad, as a 24-year-old, in the Asian Championships in Manila, Philippines one year earlier.
  15. When Kenya Meat Commission ( KMC ) was opened in 1939, many Nubi soldiers numbering about 1, 500 refused to consume meat from the KMC allegedly because the slaughter process was not compliant with Islamic laws.
  16. Member of Parliament Mohamed al-Nubi and village leaders initiated a national conference on inter-religious dialogue to address the sectarian divide and reportedly brought together some 2, 000 Muslims and Christians from across the country.
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