nuberu in a sentence

  1. The most characteristic instrument in traditional music is the Xera, Nuberu and Felpeyu.
  2. In some tellings he is an individual, in other the Nuberu are a species of dwarf-like beings.
  3. Folklorists think that Nuberu is an Asturian remnant of the ancient god Taranis, who also ruled over the skies and was worshipped in Asturias until the Middle Ages.
  4. The Nuberu controls the weather at will and amuses himself triggering storms and gales, striking animals with streaks of lightning and ruining the harvests of men with hail.
  5. Fishermen fear the Nuberu because they blame him for the strong northwestern winds of the Cantabrian Sea, which forces them to return hurriedly to port, where worried people await them.
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  7. And in " Himatsuri, " a rough, mystical 1984 film by nuberu bagu director Mitsuo Yanagimachi, the violence that lurks even under Japan's supposedly quiescent Shinto religion erupts with bloody power.
  8. If you want cynicism, you can't get much darker than " Pigs and Battleships, " the 1961 film on which the nuberu bagu ( new wave ) director Shohei Imamura ( " The Ballad of Narayama " ) found his voice.
  9. The core of this story contains two elements of major importance in the Asturian folklore : On one hand, lightning was the ancient symbol of the Astur god Taranis, and in Asturian mythology was thought to be forged by the Nuberu, lord of clouds, rain and wind.
  10. The studio responded by launching the Japanese New Wave ( " Nuberu bagu " ) which also launched the career of Nagisa Oshima among others, though Oshima soon went independent; the films of Oshima and other film makers were not financially successful and the company changed its policies.
  11. There are other fabulous beings that populate the mythological pantheon of Cantabria, as the " Ventol韓 ", the " Caballucos del Diablu ", the " Nuberu ", the " Musgosu ", the " Culebre ", the " Ramidreju ", etc . Or beautiful legends such as the " Sirenuca " ( " Little Mermaid " ), a beautiful but disobedient and spoiled young lady whose vice was climbing the most dangerous cliffs of Castro Urdiales to sing with the waves and was transformed into an ephydriad due to this behavior.

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