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  1. Nuber's family has owned and raced horses since the 1940s.
  2. These contacts were successful as Plavius may have wed Nuber by 1630.
  3. But the choreography is no less effective on young and pixieish Gregory Nuber.
  4. Plavius dedicated several poems to Susanne Nuber, the daughter of a Danzig minister.
  5. From a mathematical POV the current implementation is broxen in a nuber of ways.
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  7. SINCE then, there have been a nuber of users who have come on and said otherwise.
  8. Nuber delivered the final batch of 2-by-3 foot official maps to Clark on Thursday.
  9. Ferrera is joined in the Lone Star booth by two other stewards, Chuck Nuber and Dennis Sidener.
  10. In 1984, Nuber helped start " SpeedWeek " on ESPN, a weekly auto racing news program.
  11. Nuber graduated from Ohio State University and was a Lieutenant in the U . S . Army from 1971 to 1974.
  12. But Nuber estimates that more than half of the stewards'work comes away from the time they spend watching the races.
  13. Commonwealth Savings Bank has been in the red for the past three years due to a high nuber of past due loans.
  14. Nuber refused to characterize the writeoffs as losses and rejected comparisons with UBS, Switzerland's and Europe's largest bank.
  15. In April 1980, Island Records owner Chris Blackwell paid for demo recordings of 19 tracks, engineered by Jack Nuber in Kansas City.
  16. Steward Chuck Nuber said the decision was based on the stewards'belief that Better Talk Now's infraction did not affect the outcome.
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