nubeena in a sentence

  1. Even though they did not win a game they came close on several occasions and drew with Woodsdale at Nubeena.
  2. The " working " elements of the Port Arthur community such as the post office and municipal offices were moved to nearby Nubeena.
  3. "One of the worst things was the terror, " said Mrs . Scurr, sitting in her living room in nearby Nubeena.
  4. More than two thousand people were ferried to safety by police, commercial vessel operators and private volunteers, and another two thousand people took refuge at a community centre at Nubeena.
  5. The only two police officers stationed on the peninsula ( at Nubeena and Saltwater River when they received a radio message at 1 : 32 p . m . to attend Port Arthur and be on the look out for a yellow Volvo.
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