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  1. My thread always resulted in a frightful tangle of nubby knots.
  2. Nubby materials such as tweed make a good counterpoint to metallics.
  3. _You have no leftovers, just little nubby ends of cheese?
  4. What they love is the nubby, homemade quality of the rugs.
  5. Not to mention a nubby orange ball in my armoire.
  6. It's difficult to find nubby in a sentence.
  7. Nubby fabrics are warm and welcoming; they beg to be touched.
  8. There are lots of textured fabrics like panne velvets and nubby tweeds.
  9. If he designs a dress in nubby tweed, he makes it strapless.
  10. The color scheme covered everything from nubby strapless silk dresses to jodhpur suits.
  11. The sofa became a scratching post within two months : It was too nubby.
  12. But the swatches _ some nubby beige, some lustrous turquoise _ were everywhere.
  13. It gets its name from the nickname of founder Norman " Nubby " Sarns.
  14. Fabrikant's pieces are hand-loomed flat weaves or nubby-surfaced boucles.
  15. "Nubby texture has become more and more important, " he says.
  16. One has rubber soles with protruding nubbies.
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