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  1. Slowly, I spread my fingers out, feeling the cool, nubbly rock under my palms.
  2. She's a faithful client and wore a nubbly black and white trench coat to the show.
  3. However, seed stitch is " nubbly ", not nearly as smooth as stockinette / stocking stitch.
  4. Some riders use mountain bikes, but purists ride modified road bikes equipped with nubbly but still narrow tires.
  5. Breathtakingly unique, it has a Grecian curve, its moonlit-indigo tint dawning, gradually, over nubbly clay.
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  7. They also look similar, though the buttercup is more square-sided, with a telltale nubbly ring on the underside.
  8. One could look at a claret nylon drawstring parka, paired with smocked quilted doublet, with Nile green nubbly cotton jeans.
  9. Dice Kayek, a Turkish designer, showed lots of good-looking leather blousons, nubbly sweaters and fine looking slim gray flannel trousers.
  10. Slowly add the olive oil while the motor is running, and stop before the finished sauce is too smooth, but retains a nubbly texture.
  11. Fabrics were the latest, with ostrich feathers stuffed into nubbly white tweeds, and copper thread effects that almost translated into cotton-candy weaves.
  12. The sauce, which is nubbly and creamy and is served warm as a dip in the restaurant, delivers a bit of heat in the aftertaste.
  13. This Friday he's wearing a T-shirt that says " Hawaii " and nubbly cotton pants with yellow, white and brown stripes.
  14. Unlike the big green globes starting to come into markets from California right now, they grow underground and look it, with a nubbly skin and buff color.
  15. The easy look of the nubbly cardigans or crossover sweaters with long, supple skirts or wide pants _ sometimes even bagging at the ankle _ were faux casual.
  16. The nubbly texture of the canvas, clearly seen through the nude, the rock and everything else in the picture, gives the whole scene a surreal look.
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