nubbin in a sentence

"nubbin" meaning  "nubbin" in Chinese  
  1. Cut out the center core and blossom nubbin from each pear half.
  2. "It's right down to the nubbins.
  3. Mound filling atop crust and dot with nubbins of butter.
  4. There they accidentally break Mr . Nubbins'new windshield.
  5. Katharine Isabelle guest starred in " Nubbins " as Sophie.
  6. It's difficult to find nubbin in a sentence.
  7. They are mowed to the nubbin, producing quick surfaces and slick putts.
  8. The coral nubbins came from coral fragments recovered from bomb fishing blast sites.
  9. As Weecha runs off, followed by Nubbin, Jeff explains their history.
  10. The Hungarians deep-fry nubbins and meaty scraps of bacon into irresistible snacks.
  11. Although hounds and raccoons are natural enemies, Mala nurses Nubbin and mothers him.
  12. His nose is a virtual nubbin.
  13. A small nubbin lends a special note to red or white cabbage dishes, for example.
  14. Sally is kept alive and manages an escape attempt, with Leatherface and Nubbins in pursuit.
  15. Nubbins occur often in patterned groups.
  16. They have only a nubbin of a tail and spend most of their time on the ground,
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