nuat in a sentence

  1. Thai massage  or Nuat Thai  combines both physical and energetic aspects.
  2. Applicants from Turkey are expected to achieve a similar score in NUAT exams.
  3. Citizens of Azerbaijan are required to achieve a minimum score of 500 ( out of 700 ) in the National University Admission Tests ( NUAT ).
  4. As of 2014, there are four NUAT a year; however, it is not same for district, and some have only two exams a year for freshmen and sophomores.
  5. The "'National United Achievement Test "'( "'NUAT "', ) is administered in the same way as the CSAT . It was first introduced in 2002 to alleviate the dependency on private mock tests.
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  7. While NUAT for freshmen and sophomores is held in March, June, September, and November, seniors take tests in March, April, July, and October to avoid overlapping with months when CSAT Simulation is held ( June and September ).
  8. Normally, every office of education throughout the nation participates in NUAT to prepare the students for CSAT; hence, the number of applicants is almost parallel to that of CSAT . Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, Busan Metropolitan Office of Education ( for freshmen and sophomores ), Gyeonggi-do Office of Education, and Incheon Office of Education take turns creating the questions.

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