not in stock in a sentence

"not in stock" in Chinese  
  1. The E420s are not in stock yet at a lot of dealerships.
  2. Pet peeve : Displays latest product _ but it's not in stock.
  3. "My reality is not in stocks and bonds, " she said.
  4. If a part is not in stock, Gardenscape will order it.
  5. A customer service representative said the items were not in stock.
  6. It's difficult to find not in stock in a sentence.
  7. Amazon has a CD for EUR 130, but it is not in stock.
  8. If it is not in stock, stores may order it from their regular supplier.
  9. Items became so scarce that nearly one quarter of items were not in stock.
  10. And, apparently, that's where Busch thinks Spencer belongs _ not in stock-car racing's premier division.
  11. I found it online, which means your favorite bookseller can order it if it's not in stock.
  12. The local company store stocked all necessities, and anything which was not in stock could be ordered.
  13. Right now, it's not in stocks.
  14. "To go back to something that's not in stock, that's not being made, could cause more disruptions, " she said.
  15. I went to the store on the first day of the sale, only to find the lamp was not in stock.
  16. Any books not in stock can usually be obtained within a couple of days . They also buy and sell secondhand textbooks.
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