not in session in a sentence

"not in session" in Chinese  
  1. Bermuda's legislature, the House of Assembly, was not in session on Wednesday.
  2. When the Legislature was not in session, he would resume driving locomotives.
  3. Lofgren worked on his parts around-the-clock when recording was not in session.
  4. From 15 August to 27 September, the Reichstag was not in session.
  5. Although the Legislature is not in session, many of its members attended.
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  7. He said Parliament was not consulted because it was not in session.
  8. When programmes are not in session, the rooms are rented in hostel-style.
  9. Long also continued to teach when the legislature was not in session.
  10. The court, which occupies seven floors, was not in session on Wednesday.
  11. One person was injured, but fortunately Congress was not in session.
  12. With the House not in session, few lawmakers were on hand.
  13. They are group trips which take place when classes are not in session.
  14. Kennedy's birthday was last week, when Congress was not in session.
  15. The incident at the Mohmood-e-Tarzi School occurred when classes were not in session.
  16. The building was used by a school, which was not in session Saturday.
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