not in service in a sentence

"not in service" in Chinese  
  1. I called back, but the phone was not in service.
  2. Nine routes in Brooklyn were still not in service Wednesday.
  3. It was not in service due to staff turnover.
  4. The " Nisqually " was not in service at the time.
  5. The " Quinault " was not in service at the time.
  6. It's difficult to find not in service in a sentence.
  7. "It just sits there even though it's not in service.
  8. A telephone number listed as that of the Woodbine Inn was not in service.
  9. His telephone listing with the state's bar association was not in service.
  10. A phone number for Axxess reached a recording saying it was not in service.
  11. The fighter, not in service yet, is being tested by RAF pilots.
  12. When the Light Rail is not in service, buses operate to Downtown Baltimore.
  13. However it is not in service any more.
  14. Exceptions for weekdays in which the hotline is not in service are state holidays.
  15. Cracked, these bells are not in service.
  16. One source claims " Makedoniya " was not in service after 1937.
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