not in order in a sentence

"not in order" in Chinese  
  1. In the past, things here were just not in order.
  2. Fortunately for Hunt, a career change was not in order.
  3. Given numbers not in order, first cancel, then continue.
  4. Duer objected, saying that the motion was not in order.
  5. It gives the appearance the country is not in order.
  6. It's difficult to find not in order in a sentence.
  7. Azerbaijani customs officials said its papers were not in order.
  8. At the same time we feel your house is not in order.
  9. I'm afraid your papers are not in order.
  10. Not in order to take a revenge, but to pay justice.
  11. The NBA releases the list alphabetically, not in order of sales.
  12. They became ADR 6 11 ( not in order ).
  13. To delete of the Fb template is not in order.
  14. The Speaker ruled that this motion was not in order.
  15. My teeth are not in order and I feel ashamed when I speak.
  16. Terra reported he had been detained because his documents were not in order.
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