not in my name in a sentence

  1. Not in my name . **
  2. Many protesters waved placards reading " Stop the War " and " Not in My Name ".
  3. Our latest play, " Not in My Name, " is against the death penalty.
  4. The sign, " Not in my name, " was held aloft by a young lady with rosy cheeks.
  5. Many carried placards reading " Don't attack Iraq " and " Not in my name ."
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  7. Protesters arrived on foot and by bicycle, banging drums and waving banners declaring " Not in My Name ."
  8. It came with bonus track peace anthem " Jacob's Ladder ( Not in My Name ) " and a bonus DVD.
  9. The Living Theater still performs " Not in My Name " in the middle of Times Square whenever someone on death row is executed.
  10. I was told I could not rent a car because the phone was not in my name and because they could not call my job to verify employment.
  11. Some passed out stickers saying, " Not In My Name, " which could be a message to their own government as well as to Washington.
  12. In early 2003, " The Nation " published " Not In My Name ", an open proclamation vowing opposition to the impending US invasion of Iraq.
  13. Parts of the tune were sampled for the Chumbawamba track " Readymades " and the anti-war single " Jacob's Ladder ( Not In My Name ) ".
  14. Protesters carried placards that read " Imperialism Not War " and " Not in My Name " and chanted " We Don't Want Your Racist War ."
  15. In 2003, both Joan and her brother John signed the " Not in My Name " resolution ( along with people such as Noam Chomsky and Susan Sarandon ) opposing the invasion of Iraq.
  16. He guested on the band's Top 40 UK single'Make U Happy' he co-wrote, played and sang on B-side'Not in My Name '.
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