not in my backyard in a sentence

"not in my backyard" in Chinese  
  1. We call it the Nimby effect-- not in my backyard.
  2. You saw it with the NIMBY ( Not In My Backyard ) movement.
  3. This is not your ordinary " not in my backyard " syndrome.
  4. Not in my backyard, says Madonna.
  5. "We love you, but not in my backyard, " he said.
  6. It's difficult to find not in my backyard in a sentence.
  7. You're going to see a ` not in my backyard'phenomenon ."
  8. "It's NIMBY ( not in my backyard ) and then some ."
  9. "Our position was basically ` not in my backyard, "'he said.
  10. Opponents said Nevada was being victimized by a " not in my backyard " approach.
  11. When you first hear about it, you think, not here, not in my backyard.
  12. Officials also went out of their way to call this a simple " not in my backyard " case.
  13. Environmentalists, " not in my backyard " activists and court cases slow down the ability to expand housing.
  14. "You almost tell yourself, ` Not in my backyard, not in my community . "'
  15. It's an attitude referred to in the trade as NIMBY _ ` not in my backyard . "'
  16. The newest manifestation of Nimby, or not in my backyard, requires a different acronym : not in my viewshed.
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