not in love at all in a sentence

  1. Songs like " My Eternal Love " and " Not in Love at All " was sung in falsetto.
  2. I was not in love at all . " _ Britney Spears, on her 55-hour marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander.
  3. Of the quickie Vegas ceremony, " That thing was a total ugh, " she says . " I was not in love at all ."
  4. ""'Not in Love at All "'" is a song recorded by Barry Gibb that was included on his third solo album " Hawks " which was released in 1988 and later.
  5. The lead single " Childhood Days " was released in the UK but did not chart, it reached number 60 in Germany . " Not in Love at All " was included on a Brazilian promotional maxi-single on Mercury Records.
  6. It's difficult to find not in love at all in a sentence.

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