not direct in a sentence

"not direct" in Chinese  
  1. And I did not direct anyone to interfere in any investigation,
  2. And they say the trade group does not direct their actions.
  3. Spielberg did not direct one, but his fingerprints are everywhere.
  4. The union will not direct people to go back to work,
  5. In the real world it is easy to not direct films.
  6. It's difficult to find not direct in a sentence.
  7. _Keep the finished basket in filtered _ not direct _ sunlight.
  8. Conditions in Chicago and New York are not direct parallels.
  9. But I did not direct anyone to do anything illegal.
  10. The two services are not direct competitors because they serve separate markets.
  11. The government did not direct gunfire at the Branch Davidians.
  12. Cooperation with NATO may take many forms but not direct military participation,
  13. The CPA did not direct me to stop any such survey either.
  14. This meant the line was not direct from to London to Bristol.
  15. The offspring are also not direct genetic clones of a single parent.
  16. Duke Wen did not direct or engage in the fighting.
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