not diagnosed in a sentence

"not diagnosed" in Chinese  
  1. Stress fractures, if not diagnosed and treated, can develop into complete fractures.
  2. Traditional naturopaths deal exclusively with lifestyle changes, not diagnosing or treating disease.
  3. Instead, they were not diagnosed until after the second boy was born.
  4. Doctors could not diagnose the cause of her dizziness and heart palpitations.
  5. Up to half of thyroglossal cysts are not diagnosed until adult life.
  6. It's difficult to find not diagnosed in a sentence.
  7. IgG deficiencies are usually not diagnosed until the age of 10.
  8. It is a serious condition if not diagnosed properly, or if it's ignored.
  9. A tumor was not diagnosed until shortly after Neil Goodwin's birth.
  10. There are equal numbers of people who have the disease and not diagnosed.
  11. Most young children are not diagnosed as having pyromania but rather conduct disorders.
  12. As a rule, we do not diagnose your specific problem or offer treatment.
  13. It could lead to massive bleeding if not diagnosed and treated early enough.
  14. Gonzalez did not diagnose their conditions properly, state investigators concluded.
  15. The season-ending injury was not diagnosed until after the game.
  16. She fell seriously ill last week, but the virus was not diagnosed until Saturday.
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