not count in a sentence

  1. Kindly and intimately pinching the Comintern on the cheek does not count.
  2. Others mandate that mailed ballots received after Election Day do not count.
  3. The figure does not count the absentee ballots from Floridians living overseas.
  4. What is discouraging is they were told their gesture did not count.
  5. The $ 35 million did not count possible escalation in project costs.
  6. It's difficult to find not count in a sentence.
  7. for Bakti does not count second and subsequent wives in its activities.
  8. That does not count mandatory programs such as Social Security and Medicare.
  9. This was because we did not count Iraqi military or civilian casualties.
  10. That also does not count deleted pages or speedy deleted pages.
  11. But Kopp said Newsom should not count the research money yet.
  12. Their previous service did not count towards medal entitlement or promotion.
  13. Web . com Tour graduates did not count against the 25.
  14. Officials determined Tuesday that the assignments could not count toward graduation.
  15. It does not count representative games such as Night Series games.
  16. But do not count out Quayle as a presidential candidate forever.
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