not buying it in a sentence

"not buying it" in Chinese  
  1. While Clemens held to his explanation, the Mets were not buying it.
  2. "And we're not buying it, and their stockholders aren't buying it ."
  3. Keep your penance to yourselves, boys and girls, I'm not buying it.
  4. "He said that all year last year, but I'm not buying it,"
  5. "They don't like what they're hearing, and they're not buying it ."
  6. It's difficult to find not buying it in a sentence.
  7. W : ( not buying it ) A corpse wins the election.
  8. Not buying it, says Neal Kimball, could be a lot more expensive.
  9. "Unless something is marked off, people are not buying it, " said Presson.
  10. I don't care who says it's chichi, I'm not buying it.
  11. Now that I've listened and studied it, I'm not buying it.
  12. The variety article may weakly meet that criterion, but I'm not buying it.
  13. But . . . the American people are not buying it.
  14. Sorry, Charlie, I'm not buying it, and neither should anyone else.
  15. If you do it right, any adult will respond, but she's not buying it.
  16. U . S . President George W . Bush's administration is not buying it.
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