not buy it in a sentence

"not buy it" in Chinese  
  1. India's kind words for the Taliban may not buy its cooperation indefinitely.
  2. "I don't buy it, but I don't not buy it either ."
  3. "If I were the employee, I would not buy it, " he says.
  4. Some historians, forensic experts and conspiracy theorists do not buy it.
  5. The museum does not buy its artifacts; it relies on donations.
  6. It's difficult to find not buy it in a sentence.
  7. If they don't want it, let them not buy it ."
  8. "Tasteless, " was the comment from the two who would not buy it.
  9. If it is longer than five years, the FIDF will not buy it,
  10. For all the benefits of Kiani's oximeter, many hospitals would not buy it.
  11. With a name like that, how could anyone not buy it?
  12. Most voters want you to win the governorship, not buy it,
  13. And you may not buy it, but you can't deny
  14. Assuming the potential customer does not buy it, just looks.
  15. If you sell an item to the warehouse clubs, we may not buy it.
  16. Ready-to-wear, you produce it and people will either buy it or not buy it.
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