not a in a sentence

"not a" in Chinese  
  1. Security : Crime is not a serious problem for visitors to Boli
  2. Executives at Dow Jones say Telerate is not a lost cause.
  3. It is not a place for the frail or the innocent.
  4. They know he is not a racist or a bad cop.
  5. This time U . S . television is not a factor.
  6. It's difficult to find not a in a sentence.
  7. This is not a gondola as much as a tiny lounge.
  8. The effect on the Japanese stock market is not as clear.
  9. He probably is not as disciplined at looking the ball in,
  10. It is not a private purse for Chavis or anyone else.
  11. Beneficence to the poor is not a popular concept these days.
  12. Not a single black person lives in Broken Bow or Arnold.
  13. The search for alternatives and answers is not a contemptible thing.
  14. It is not a story about sneaking broccoli into pizza sauce.
  15. Not a single member of the assembled media raised a hand.
  16. This is not a time for further study or vague directives.
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