not a chance in hell in a sentence

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  1. "Not a chance in hell, " he replied.
  2. There's not a chance in hell.
  3. "I wouldn't gamble on that at all, not a chance in hell,"
  4. "Not a chance in hell, " said Alan Johnson, coach of the U . S . ski jumping team.
  5. He's doing swell, too : In an informal survey of readers of this column, only 99 percent found him to have " not a chance in hell ."
  6. It's difficult to find not a chance in hell in a sentence.
  7. While liking the story, and calling Lynch's directing beautiful, he said " [ there is ] not a chance in hell " the show could become a ratings hit, because of its " unsettling " story.
  8. Take Merlin McColm, a 66-year-old Gingrich Republican from Elko, Nevada, who says there's " not a chance in hell " that he will vote for Dole or any other Republican in November.
  9. The following week, when asked " One more week for Plumb ? ", " Oh go on then " won with 87 %, to only 13 % for " not a chance in hell " on a turnout of 663.
  10. "There have been nights where every single person in those front tables has sat there with their arms not just crossed, but clenched, looking at you like there's not a chance in hell you will ever win them over.
  11. "The laboratory results, " he told the Los Angeles Times a few months ago, " suggest that this type of system has not a chance in hell of working " for anything but a rough ID of suspects.
  12. Rolling his eyes toward heaven, taxi driver Bakry Omar said there is not a chance in hell that presidential candidate John Kerry would give war-weary Arabs a better deal than George W . Bush has in the presidency he seeks to extend.
  13. Let's use common sense : there are " a lot " of revisions for most of them ( by definition ), and there's not a chance in hell that ( m ) any would need to be moved.
  14. *"'Delete "'- Token delete, really, since there's probably Not a chance in hell of it happening, but it really is just another front in the Savage vs . Santorum war rather than a legitimate article.
  15. Asked Friday how he would react to continued requests that it be withdrawn from sale, he replied, " There is not a chance in hell of the book being withdrawn . . . ` The Satanic Verses'is as important in my body of work as any of my other books ."
  16. :: : : There is not a chance in hell that developers will allow any proposal where the wiki source code is automatically renumbered when you save . ( It would fail horribly with templates and transclusion, for starters . ) The rendered content can be automatically numbered, but no developer is going to allow automatic renumbering to happen in the source code . talk ) 22 : 59, 27 August 2010 ( UTC)

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