not a bit in a sentence

"not a bit" meaning  "not a bit" in Chinese  
  1. Not a bit more correct or relevant than any other editor's opinion.
  2. :: Paradox of voting seems quite relevant, if not a bit complex.
  3. Who is not a bit anxious when faced with such strangeness?
  4. Clinton came and went with not a bit of egg on his face.
  5. A : No, there's not a bit of truth to that.
  6. It's difficult to find not a bit in a sentence.
  7. It mattered not a bit that Hota had started two games all season.
  8. At 85, she's not a bit shy about showing off her showgirl legs.
  9. In countless cases in New York and Afghanistan, they mattered not a bit.
  10. Not a bit of energy is wasted, not even the waste,
  11. And underneath it all there was not a bit of malice.
  12. Fred is not a bit baffled by the technology of the newsroom today.
  13. That Cranston lost, 13-3, mattered not a bit to anyone Sunday.
  14. But he rejects it as just a line, not a bit.
  15. "No, none at all, not a bit, " he said.
  16. There was not a bit of hedge in his answer.
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