not a bit of it in a sentence

"not a bit of it" meaning  "not a bit of it" in Chinese  
  1. Not a bit of it, not Friday afternoon.
  2. And as she and her relatives have long contended, not a bit of it is true.
  3. Not a bit of it, Janes argues.
  4. But not a bit of it.
  5. Asked if his job was a barrier to writing poetry, he told the newspaper : " Not a bit of it.
  6. It's difficult to find not a bit of it in a sentence.
  7. Not because I am imbecile, shiftless, lazy, listlessly, loafing about, no, not a bit of it, but the reverse is true.
  8. Not a bit of it-- she contracted a scandalous marriage, which surely counterbalances the worthiness of founding the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
  9. Not a bit of it, as proved by " The Worlds of Nam June Paik, " his first American retrospective since 1982, at the Solomon R . Guggenheim Museum.
  10. The sour mood was the product of the dashed hopes after two years of determined effort, not a bit of it due to the frustration over logistics at the end.
  11. No, not a bit of it, but if you are interested in some good writing about the sport, let me recommend " Sparring With Hemingway, " a new book containing the work of Budd Schulberg.
  12. Norman Fowler, then a reporter for " The Times ", interviewed Powell during the election and asked him what the biggest issue was : " I expected to be told something about the cost of living but not a bit of it . " Immigration, " replied Powell.

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