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  1. In 1416 Henryk IX was a mediator in a dispute between the sons of Przemyslaus I Noszak, Duke of Cieszyn.
  2. In 1379 Bolko III also sold the town of Strehlen ( Strzelin ) to Przemyslaus I Noszak, Duke of Cieszyn.
  3. However, after Jan II's death in 1376, his son could succeeded him, but under the guardianship of PrzemysBaw I Noszak.
  4. The largest development occurred during the rule of PrzemysBaw I Noszak, who gained the city rights for Cieszyn in 1374 and reconstructed the wooden castle into the bricked one.
  5. On 12 June 1397 Louis took part in the Congress of Aubnicach, at which were present, among others, King Vladislaus II JagieBBo and Przemyslaus I Noszak, Duke of Cieszyn.
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  7. In 1405, after the death of Duke Jan III of O [ wicim without issue, ( and by virtue of the Privilege of 1372 ), his domains were inherited by Duke PrzemysBaw I Noszak.
  8. Contrary to the agreement of 1372, after Henry's death, Niemodlin was taken by King PrzemysBaw I Noszak, Duke of Cieszyn, but this caused the strong opposition of the Dukes of Opole, who claimed his hereditary rights.
  9. It was at this time that the Duke of Cieszyn became known by his nickname : " Noszak " ( from Polish " nosi ", to carry ) The progressive disease forced PrzemysBaw in 1396 to abandon his interference in Bohemian politics.
  10. After two years of conflicts, on 8 December 1357 a settlement was made : Bytom was divided between the Dukes Konrad I of Ole [ nica and PrzemysBaw I Noszak, married Elisabeth, the eldest daughter of BolesBaw, and with this acquired additional rights over the half of Bytom.
  11. Casimir I wanted to maintain the territorial unity of his Duchy, so he chose only one of his sons to be his successor  firstly the eldest, WBadysBaw, and after his early death in 1355 the third, but the only one who remained outside the Church, PrzemysBaw Noszak  and the others were destined for a Church career.
  12. The reputation of the Duke of Brzeg was so great that Louis I had been repeatedly appointed by Charles IV and Wenceslaus IV as a mediator in disputes ( as in 1365 between the Bishop PrzecBaw von Pogarell and Duke Conrad I of Ole [ nica, in 1367 between the sons of Duke Conrad II of Ole [ nica and Przemyslaw I Noszak for the Duchy of Bytom ).
  13. On 5 July 1396 Louis I the Fair give Henry IX the towns of Kluczbork, Byczyna and WoBczyn, on occasion of his betrothal with Anna of Cieszyn, daughter of Duke Przemyslaus I Noszak; but was only on 29 September ( nine days after the marriage ceremony ) when he was confirmed with the formal possession of their domains, who produced a rent of 2, 000 fines.

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