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  1. Only a Nosy Parker would try to find out.
  2. No commuting distance and no Nosy Parkers : what more could you ask for a getaway?
  3. How can I say that, having been in the Nosy Parker vanguard a generation ago?
  4. For years, the hope for offspring made Washingtonians act as if they were Nosy Parker in-laws.
  5. Nosy Parker me, I can't help but wonder if the $ 252 million man insisted on a prenuptial agreement.
  6. It's difficult to find nosy parkers in a sentence.
  7. Nosy Parkers suspect Ms . Scott, who observed Hubbell's testimony from a skybox overlooking the hearing room, was a Clinton go-between in the alleviation of the Hubbell worries.
  8. Because it is the vigil of All Saints Day, a Roman Catholic holy day of obligation, Halloween has historically aroused the suspicions of the Nosy Parker critics of Christmas creches and menorahs on public property.
  9. The supporting cast included Ted Osborne as hospital administrator Dr . Carew, Eleanor Audley as receptionist Molly Byrd, Jane Webb as nurse Mary Lamont, and Virginia Gregg as nurse Evangeline Parker, labeled " Nosy Parker " by Gillespie.
  10. Your friends and neighbors, the Nosy Parkers, secretly tape regular calls you make to them, and listen in to cellular calls to third parties, enhancing the video surveillance of public streets by government and private driveways by security agencies.
  11. But in light of the latest triumphs of the president _ in public opinion, at least, he has vanquished the hymn-singing, holy-rolling Starr, as well as Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp and the Nosy Parkers of the press _ Time is right.
  12. Nouns for people who are associated with intrusive behavior include snooper, interferer, interrurpter, intruder, interposer, invader, intervener, intervenist, interventionist, pryer, stickybeak, gatecrasher, interloper, peeping tom, persona non grata, encroacher, backseat driver, kibitzer, meddler, nosy parker, marplot.

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