nosy neighbors in a sentence

  1. A nosy neighbor sees the kiss and tells Will s parents.
  2. But, alas, some nosy neighbors came poking around.
  3. Just as important, the Patriots are nosy neighbors.
  4. A nosy neighbor ( Mo Gaffney ) fails to keep them in line.
  5. Aim for a cat, raccoon, nosy neighbor or other similar pest.
  6. It's difficult to find nosy neighbors in a sentence.
  7. Forget what your nosy neighbor might say.
  8. His suspicions are increased by a nosy neighbor who wrongfully insists that David beats Cassie.
  9. Isgard said _ can a gay couple protect their rights and keep nosy neighbors at bay.
  10. We need to become nosy neighbors.
  11. Good, general words that might placate the nosy neighbors who wanted to know too much about the breakup.
  12. They usually act on tips from jealous wives or nosy neighbors, who are encouraged to report illicit relationships.
  13. But those lights can also let a nosy neighbor read your e-mail, one blink at a time.
  14. There was also a nosy neighbor named Mrs . Norris who often popped in unannounced to check up on them.
  15. A nosy neighbor has called to tell Kathy that her recently widowed mother is squandering all she owns on lottery tickets.
  16. "Freedom " opens with a short history of the Berglund family from the perspective of their nosy neighbors.
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