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  1. But European teams have overcome the noise and emotion, too.
  2. The afternoon was a blur of sun, noise and water.
  3. There was all this noise accompanying the trade, then nothing.
  4. Go to a game, make noise, stuff down dogs.
  5. R . E . M . has found liberation in noise.
  6. It's difficult to find noise in a sentence.
  7. The manual also generated tremendous noise in an otherwise quiet cabin.
  8. "He doesn't make a lot of noise.
  9. I could hear the noise of a very big wave coming.
  10. Anthrax with Public Enemy, " Bring the Noise"
  11. Fair acceleration with lots of attendant engine noise, smooth shifting.
  12. A little grease and noise probably won't kill you.
  13. The fans of the air circulation system generate a constant noise.
  14. Air pollution and noise pollution are growing problems . ( HORIZONTAL)
  15. I hear noise outside . . . the door is closed.
  16. It's just a lot of background noise ."
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