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  1. Avoid overflight of homes and buildings, and practice noise abatement procedures.
  2. Departures from 2L ( normally during Santa Ana wind conditions ) are not affected by these noise abatement procedures.
  3. At 16 : 10 ( 90 seconds ), Key commenced a standard noise abatement procedure which involved reducing engine power.
  4. In addition, there are numerous recommended noise abatement procedures and limitations that have been incorporated into the Airport s Fly Neighborly Program and included in the program s outreach materials.
  5. Calculations carried out by Hawker Siddeley determined that if the valve was in this position during the flight then the reduction in engine power for the noise abatement procedure could have activated the warning light that indicated low air pressure in the system.
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  7. The airport is occasionally criticised as a source of environmental noise and pollution and strict noise abatement procedures have been enforced for departing traffic since the mid-1970s, while arriving traffic is generally routed to approach the field from the east, clear of Sofia.
  8. The town of Brookhaven decided to shut down the airport, due to failure of pilots to action the noise abatement procedures established by the town, bringing a series of complaints that led to its closure, as well as the closure of Lufker Airport for three months.
  9. In an attempt to alleviate these problems, the majority of aerodromes implement noise abatement procedures designed to route aircraft away from noise sensitive areas, and more than 50 are required by the government to provide consultative facilities in which local concerns can be raised with aerodrome operators.
  10. SFO was one of the first airports to implement a Fly Quiet Program, which grades airlines on their performance on noise abatement procedures while flying in and out of SFO . The Jon C . Long Fly Quiet Program was started by the Aircraft Noise Abatement Office to encourage airlines to operate as quietly as possible at SFO.
  11. Upon each landing, depending on the runway distance remaining, aircraft and pilot capabilities, noise abatement procedures in effect, and air traffic control clearance, the pilot will perform either a " full stop " landing ( taxi to the runway beginning for subsequent take-off ), a " touch-and-go " ( stabilize in the landing roll, reconfigure the aircraft for take-off, and take-off without ever stopping the aircraft ), or a " stop-and-go " ( decelerate to a stop, then take-off from the remaining runway ).

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