noirs in a sentence

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  1. Chalone pinot noirs are expensive and not always easy to find.
  2. Actually this blanc de noirs is white from black and white.
  3. It is also more reasonably priced than his other pinot noirs.
  4. It's a setup familiar from countless previous film noirs.
  5. Santa Barbara County is noted for fruity, luscious Pinot Noirs.
  6. It's difficult to find noirs in a sentence.
  7. Summer 1962 saw a rush of pied-noirs to France.
  8. Today, he makes five pinot noirs that frequently win prestigious tastings.
  9. Pinot noirs include wine from Calera, Au Bon Climat and Morgan.
  10. There were three groups of eight wines each, all pinot noirs.
  11. Wine suggestion : Chandon Reserve or Chandon Carneros Blanc de Noirs
  12. Today, many of the best California pinot noirs come from Carneros.
  13. More than many other wines, pinot noirs change in the glass.
  14. The first group were chardonnays, the rest pinots noirs.
  15. Here are a few Oregon Pinot Noirs available around the Grand Valley.
  16. Some wineries will produce several pinot noirs in each vintage.
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