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  1. The driver, his father Andr?Noirot, was killed instantly.
  2. On 11 October 1993 Olivier Noirot was seriously injured in a traffic accident which occurred in the Gauriaguet near Bordeaux.
  3. In his youth he experienced a period of doubt regarding the Catholic faith, during which he was strongly influenced by one of his teachers at the Coll鑗e de Lyon, the priest Abb?Noirot.
  4. Running for team ASPTT Bordeaux, Monique Noirot won four national titles ( 200m in 1964, 400 m from 1965 to 1967 ) and improved five times the record of France's 400 meters.
  5. The cameramen featured in the show are Doug Allen, a winner of four Emmys and four BAFTAs for his work on filming marine mammals, and Didier Noirot, known for working with marine conservationist Jacques Cousteau.
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  7. Andries survived his second wife by 22 years and lived to see his daughter Christine's wedding in 1657 to Adriaan Noirot, and his daughter Maria's wedding in 1662 to the diplomat jhr . mr.
  8. In collaboration with Madame Noirot-Camuzet, who owned the vineyard, Jayer took care of her vineyards ( beginning after the war in 1945 ) and for that was offered to keep half of the harvest for himself.
  9. On 28 July 1991 Olivier Noirot set a new record for the French 400m race in 45.07s on the occasion of French Championships at Dijon, improving by two hundredths of a second the time of Aldo Canti dating from 1984.

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