noirmoutiers in a sentence

  1. In 866, upon Robert's death, Hugh received all the former's abbacies, including Noirmoutiers and Saint-Martin de Tours, counties, including siege of 885 86.
  2. The latter, being expelled from Jumi鑗es, established the monastery of the Black Benedictines on the Isle of Her ( Noirmoutiers ), of which Lu鏾n was at first a dependency, probably as a priory.
  3. At the age of 16 he began his medical studies at the local hospital in Noirmoutiers, but was soon called to military service, spending the next eleven years as part of the French Army ( 1803 1814 ).
  4. On the death of Constantine de Rohan-Rochefort, as bishop of Strasbourg, though he spent much of his career working in Paris, as he preferred a fashionable life to his clerical duties; also in 1779, he became abbot of Noirmoutiers and Chaise-Dieu.
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