noirmont in a sentence

  1. NATO spokesman Col . Charles-Henri de Noirmont read a statement
  2. Noirmont underlined that NATO will not get involved in manhunt
  3. In 1992, the gun no . 1 was recovered and returned Noirmont Point.
  4. Ernest Borel SA is headquartered at their new factory premises at Le Noirmont, Switzerland.
  5. His first objective was to reach two hills west of the line Chastre-Noirmont.
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  7. There is a known acid dykes of rhyolitic composition on the east side of Noirmont headland.
  8. After this, III Battalion halted before the French defence in the Cortil-Noirmont area.
  9. About 30.0 % of the workforce coming into Le Noirmont are coming from outside Switzerland.
  10. In 1884 a narrow gauge railway connected Tramelan to Tavannes and in 1913 it was extended to Le Noirmont.
  11. Although Le Noirmont is wholly in Switzerland, the border with France runs on the western base of the mountain.
  12. During the 2009-10 school year, there were a total of 260 students attending 15 classes in Le Noirmont.
  13. The villages in the municipality are Chastre, Villeroux, Blanmont, Cortil, Noirmont, Gentinnes, and Saint-G閞y.
  14. During the occupation of the Channel Islands in World War II, the Germans erected Battery Lothringen on the top of Noirmont Point.
  15. Of the population in the municipality, 643 or about 41.2 % were born in Le Noirmont and lived there in 2000.
  16. The tower stands at the foot of the cliffs of Noirmont Point, in the Vingtaine de Noirmont in the Parish of Saint Br閘ade.
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