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  1. The story begins, noirishly enough, in a private investigator's office, with a bombshell hiring a hard-bitten detective to find her missing stepdaughter.
  2. When Amy announced in 2000 that she was moving to the Lower East Side, Mrs . Zimmer, who works as a guidance counselor, was concerned that the streets were noirishly desolate at night.
  3. His team of investigators includes the film-noirishly monikered Samantha Spade ( Poppy Montgomery ), Vivian Johnson ( Marianne Jean-Baptiste ), Danny Taylor ( Enrique Murciano ) and Martin Fitzgerald ( Eric Close ).
  4. Shan's nut-shell version of his film-" 7 Welcome to London is a breathtaking, noirishly stylised and utterly ghoulish thriller crafted in a gritty manner that accentuates the film s edgy vision, but this stunning film has far more on its mind, exploding with multiple layers of meaning, tone and mood.
  5. What needed to be a taut, structurally sound psycho-thriller instead malfunctions from the start . " Joe Neumaier wrote in The New York Daily News, " If you think you're tired of tedious thrillers, this B-movie has a cast that looks like they slept right through it . . . Filled with second-rate Brian DePalma twists, noirishly blurred lights and usually solid actors mouthing potboiler brine, " The Lodger " resembles bottom-shelf'80s dreck . " Robert Abele wrote in The Los Angeles Times, " This strained, empty effort doesn't work as homage or update, and in its darkly violent sensibility has neither the glamour of Brian De Palma's referential nightmares or even the narrative fuel of the serial-killer-obsessed procedurals that dominate TV . " Ben Walters attacked the film in Time Out, writing " the real crime is the travesty writer-director David Ondaatje perpetrates on Alfred Hitchcock ".
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