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  1. The film shows a noirish Los Angeles, basting in sleaze.
  2. Patricia Cornwell has sold gazillions of her noirish Kay Scarpetta mysteries.
  3. It's their slightly noirish character which gives them edge.
  4. But the state's noirish side always manages to intrude.
  5. It includes profanity, violence, sexual situations and assorted noirish touches.
  6. It's difficult to find noirish in a sentence.
  7. But this transformation, too, has a noirish aspect.
  8. California is explored as both dream factory and noirish nightmare.
  9. Areas of the city are dark, dank and noirish.
  10. Naturally, he said, noirish things kept happening.
  11. Visually, " EZ Streets " has an eerie, noirish look.
  12. One of his new projects is a tasty little noirish thriller starring Uma Thurman.
  13. If IRISH is allowed, the court reasoned, NOIRISH could not be banned.
  14. Noirish shades of monochrome dominate Watanabe's " Detective Story ."
  15. From France comes a film noirish nightmare about a road trip gone very wrong.
  16. "Reunion " is a noirish ballad that features reactive emotions by the narrators.
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