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  1. "The Maryland University team was really enthusiastic, " said Nobukazu Matsumoto, an event organizer.
  2. His adoptive father and Nobusuke Kishi's eldest son, Nobukazu Kishi, was chairman of Seibu Oil.
  3. With Johnny Smith and Vampiro, Hines also beat Arashi, Koki Kitihara and Nobukazu Hirai on December 7, 2001.
  4. With Johnny Smith and Vampiro, Hines also beat Arashi, Nobukazu Hirai and Koki Kitahara on December 7, 2001.
  5. On 9 January 2010, Nobukazu Muto ( b . 1945 ), the company's chairman and chief executive officer died.
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  7. He has collaborated with various musicians, including Bj鰎k, David Sylvian, Harold Budd, Nobukazu Takemura, Stephan Mathieu and Ekkehard Ehlers.
  8. "Our goal this year was to get back into the black at the operating level, " said managing director Nobukazu Kaneko.
  9. In 1997, he won his only title, the WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Championship, with Mochizuki and WAR rookie Nobukazu Hirai in October 1997.
  10. As of June 1, 2011, TARU has been suspended indefinitely by AJPW after an alleged attack on stablemate Nobukazu Hirai which left Hirai in the hospital with acute hematoma.
  11. :If it was Oku Nobukazu ( 1889-1943 ), who was indeed a Lieutenant in 1917, then he went on to be a Vice-Admiral in 1942.
  12. In 2006, The Innova Recordings / American Composers Forum released mixed, reconstructed versions of compositions by eleven sound artists including Nobukazu Takemura, Andrew Lagowski, ( Lustmord ) and Troum.
  13. With CCDs, " the picture quality is much better than with CMOS image sensors, " said Nobukazu Teranishi, a senior manager in the sensor research laboratory of NEC Corp.
  14. "' Nobukazu Hirai "'( born December 30, 1969 ) is a Japanese professional wrestler currently competing in All Japan Pro Wrestling as "'Super Hate " '.
  15. "Note : This discography only includes solo and collaboration releases under the names of " Nobukazu Takemura ", " Child's View ", " Assembler " or " DJ Takemura ".
  16. At AJPW's " 29th Anniversary Show " at Budokan Hall on October 27, George Hines, Johnny Smith and Kazushi Miyamoto defeated Masato Tanaka, Ryuji Hijikata and Nobukazu Hirai when Hines pinned Hirai.
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