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  1. He has collaborated with various musicians, including Bj鰎k, David Sylvian, Harold Budd, Nobukazu Takemura, Stephan Mathieu and Ekkehard Ehlers.
  2. In 2006, The Innova Recordings / American Composers Forum released mixed, reconstructed versions of compositions by eleven sound artists including Nobukazu Takemura, Andrew Lagowski, ( Lustmord ) and Troum.
  3. "Note : This discography only includes solo and collaboration releases under the names of " Nobukazu Takemura ", " Child's View ", " Assembler " or " DJ Takemura ".
  4. "' Nobukazu Takemura "'( 鵽Qg?^ 孴 " Takemura Nobukazu " ) is a Japanese musician and artist whose style has run from jazz to battle DJ before launching his music career.
  5. One constant element in Zu's music is collaboration, and many of the band's albums are billed as collaborations with a guest musician ( such as Mike Patton, Buzz Osbourne, Mats Gustafsson and Nobukazu Takemura ).
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  7. ""'Identification with the Enemy : A Key to the Underworld " "'is the eighth studio album by the Italian band Zu, in collaboration with Japanese musician Nobukazu Takemura, released in 2007.
  8. In 2007 the remix album " Versions Of The Prepared Piano " was released, featuring new interpretations of the original tracks by the likes of Eglantine Gouzy, Barbara Morgenstern, Nobukazu Takemura, Wechsel Garland, Frank Bretschneider, Mira Calix and Tarwater.
  9. In the United Kingdom, the album was released by City Slang, whereas in Japan, where the album was expected to sell 15, 000 copies and carried a bonus remix of the title track by Nobukazu Takemura, it was released by Tokuma Japan Communications.

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