no pay in a sentence

"no pay" in Chinese  
  1. But since I was injured there is no pay to send home.
  2. There was no pay phone nearby when Jessie's sister screamed for help.
  3. Mother Wright, accepted no pay and was assisted primarily by her daughters.
  4. Almost all of the employees retained their jobs with no pay cuts.
  5. Following that, you can take a full year off with no pay.
  6. It's difficult to find no pay in a sentence.
  7. G鰊cz worked incredibly hard for ten hours per day with no pay.
  8. He gets no pay beyond the subsistence living the rebels provide recruits.
  9. Thousands of teachers _ some waving placards that said " No Pay!
  10. Union officials say the mail service has made no pay offer yet.
  11. Others are forced to carry spine-twisting heavy loads for little or no pay.
  12. Before 1934, SS personnel received no pay and their work was completely voluntarily.
  13. There were no pay phones anywhere other than old-style phone booths.
  14. Instead, he said baggage handlers went for nine years with no pay raise.
  15. He had " chronically " received no pay, the newspaper wrote.
  16. Puerto Ricans do no pay federal taxes and cannot vote in national elections.
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