no less in a sentence

  1. By most accounts she attempted suicide no less than three times.
  2. No less than four guards tried to push their way in.
  3. Fabricating the piece has been no less challenging than designing it.
  4. But they are no less committed to disrupting law and order.
  5. Bush departed beaming with no less confidence than when he arrived.
  6. It's difficult to find no less in a sentence.
  7. Women with appliances spend no less time than those without appliances.
  8. The Big Four have no less incentive to have big years.
  9. That giant is awake _ and in two languages no less.
  10. The efforts to visualize a new skyline are no less exciting.
  11. Castro is no less discouraged about U . S . policies.
  12. No less surprising was that Dombeck came equipped with a strategy.
  13. And those who call themselves His followers should do no less.
  14. The honorees in the other categories are no less geographically diverse.
  15. The bird was no less present in African and Asian art.
  16. But its implications for the GOP will be no less ominous.
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