no less exciting in a sentence

  1. The efforts to visualize a new skyline are no less exciting.
  2. Dozens of other celebrity arrivals were silent but no less exciting.
  3. The play was lethargic compared to the first three rounds, but no less exciting.
  4. The popular TV thriller got a little weirder but no less exciting last season.
  5. His bogey on the next hole was no less exciting.
  6. It's difficult to find no less exciting in a sentence.
  7. "But I'm no more or no less excited about this one than any other opener.
  8. His attorney, Wayne T . Crowder of Greenberg Traurig, is more cautious, but no less excited.
  9. Across town, at Actor's Express, the acting is no less exciting in Dostoyevsky's " The Devils ."
  10. And while Stars Lite vs . Diet Philly was a little less sexy, it was no less exciting.
  11. Odessa Piper's food, based on prime local products, mostly organic, could hold its own anywhere; the wine list is no less exciting.
  12. More humble than the porcelain, but no less exciting to scholars of ceramics, are San Diego's 570 stoneware and earthenware jars for storing food, oil, water and wine.
  13. The league campaign was no less exciting, Mark West scored four goals in a 5 1 trouncing of runaway leaders Kettering Town, who had previously gone 15 games unbeaten.
  14. The best of college basketball and football are no less exciting than their professional counterparts, at least in part because ordinary mortals are occasionally inspired to play beyond their capacities.
  15. A newer but no less exciting face is Akira Isogawa, who moved to Australia from Kyoto, Japan, in 1987 and has been creating fashion in his new home since the early 1990s.
  16. No less exciting to the diehard Strauss enthusiast is " Die Schweigsame Frau, " the talky but brilliant comedy to a Stefan Zweig libretto based on Ben Jonson ( 445 335-2; two CDs ).
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