no leakage in a sentence

  1. The fire was fully extinguished, and there was no leakage of oil.
  2. Solar Europe was not damaged, and there was no leakage reported.
  3. Everything must be completely water tight so that no leakage of water occurs.
  4. There was no leakage or injuries, the Fire Department reported the captain as saying.
  5. If this were done, there would have been no leakage,
  6. It's difficult to find no leakage in a sentence.
  7. Ford conducts crash test with fuel tank above axle at 50 mph, with no leakage.
  8. There is no leakages, and also unexpected variations in behavior caused by heat and noise.
  9. Well, maybe there is no leakage today, but what about in 50 years ? 200 years?
  10. Subsequent analysis of steam generator water revealed no leakage of reactor coolant into the steam generators.
  11. Mr Yip said government landfill sites were secure enough for there to be no leakage problems.
  12. Usually there is no leakage of fluid and therefore it is not considered a true edema.
  13. JAPC said that there was no leakage of radiation, because the reactor was closed for inspection.
  14. At that time, the temperature was 33.3 degrees Celsius; no leakage of radioactive contaminated water was reported.
  15. The Grande Nigeria also carried pesticides and flammable materials but reported no leakage, according to Dutch police.
  16. Weiss'equation predicts the relationship between stimulus strength and duration for an ideal capacitor with no leakage resistance.
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