no leak in a sentence

  1. No leak of radioactivity into the environment was reported in that accident.
  2. Gov . Christie Whitman was confident there was no leak to Tyson.
  3. Carefully place bags on a baking sheet, making sure there are no leaks.
  4. Therefore, no environmental damage occurred and there was no leak into the vessel.
  5. I think if there was no leak, things would have taken their course,
  6. It's difficult to find no leak in a sentence.
  7. As long as they had no leaks, dented cans were sometimes repackaged, too.
  8. First, make sure there are no leaks above that suspended ceiling.
  9. Eventually, the report said, the matter was investigated and no leaks was found.
  10. Shuttle engineers determined there was no leak, just a faulty sensor.
  11. There are no leaks through the door, even in a heavy, sideways rain.
  12. All 19 crew members were reported safe, and the vessel reported no leaks.
  13. Five years now, no leaks, even with the bleaching tablets in the tank.
  14. There are no leaks, even when it rains, but I was just wondering.
  15. Keep the shallow side of the ridge closed, and you'll get no leaks.
  16. There was no leak history, no history of leaks on this line segment,
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