no big in a sentence

"no big" in Chinese  
  1. For Otis Nixon, it's really no big deal.
  2. It was no big deal for me to talk to them.
  3. Ending proxy voting ( in committees ) is no big deal.
  4. If we don't, no big deal, man.
  5. "I'm in no big rush,"
  6. It's difficult to find no big in a sentence.
  7. No big, comprehensive, Clintonesque health care overhaul for them.
  8. "It's really no big deal ."
  9. But the day came and went and _ no big deal.
  10. No big deal, either, from Miami's standpoint.
  11. For example, buy no big basket with a tiny weave.
  12. Viewed by the Republicans, the changes are no big deal.
  13. "But it's no big deal ."
  14. It was work that yielded speculative snapshots but no big picture.
  15. "No big deal, " our man said.
  16. It gets kind of boring with no big-fight opponents.
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