no bid in a sentence

"no bid" in Chinese  
  1. Mission San Antonio de Padua put up for sale, with no bids.
  2. The sale was suspended last Tuesday when the government received no bids.
  3. Two of the 20 marginal fields that were offered received no bids.
  4. No bids were received and the property was passed in for private treaty.
  5. The SSS offered her for auction but no bids were received.
  6. It's difficult to find no bid in a sentence.
  7. Tuctuc had tried to sell them off but received no bids.
  8. These were put up for sale in 2014, but no bids were received.
  9. No bids were made to provide service to India's restive Jammu and Kashmir.
  10. The auction terminates only when 10 minutes have gone by with no bids.
  11. The Fed made no bids for foreign central banks and international monetary authorities.
  12. Exactly one week later, the auction closed _ with no bids.
  13. No bid official could explain it, even the ones who signed his checks.
  14. After about 24 hours on eBay, the door fragment had received no bids.
  15. There were no bids at the minimum opening amount of $ 100, 000.
  16. St . Louis was awarded a franchise with no bid received.
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