no bicycles in a sentence

"no bicycles" in Chinese  
  1. No bicycles are allowed in the park, and there is no admission fee.
  2. Since then no bicycles have been made bearing this trademark.
  3. Piestewa peak summit trail allows foot traffic only : no bicycles, dogs, or horses.
  4. On Barry Road in the Northland on a weekend, no bicycles park outside the stores.
  5. No bicycles will be allowed on public transportation.
  6. It's difficult to find no bicycles in a sentence.
  7. Ain't no bicycle going in here ."
  8. No bicycle makers have announced plans to offer bikes based around the technology in the United States.
  9. We have virtually no bicycle lanes.
  10. There are no bicycles in golf.
  11. Several bicycle racks are provided, but ( unlike most of UTA's rail stations ) it has no bicycle lockers.
  12. She'll quit the race after the swimming leg, but only because there are no bicycles built for yellow Labrador retrievers.
  13. There are no bicycle repair shops along the way, but Shenandoah does have a discount mart that sells new bicycles.
  14. The Dais shared their mud-brick house with their pig, and they owned nothing : no watch, no bicycle, no change of clothes.
  15. Bicycles are a popular transport on the island, although most areas have no bicycle trails, so safe and comfortable travel is not always assured.
  16. Fell Street previously had a narrow bicycle lane wedged in between parked cars and fast-moving vehicular traffic, while Oak Street had no bicycle facilities at all.
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