no better in a sentence

"no better" in Chinese  
  1. Has finished no better than 17th in four Daytona 500 starts.
  2. Most of those funds did OK but no better than that.
  3. Things got no better for the Reds when they returned home.
  4. That worked no better than it had in the third quarter.
  5. Finances are no better at many SCLC chapters across the country.
  6. It's difficult to find no better in a sentence.
  7. There is no better setting for beautiful things than our magazine.
  8. There would be no better place for it to be repaired.
  9. The performance was poor and the team climate was no better,
  10. No better time for him to show up than this time,
  11. He seems to think that terrorists are no better than dictators.
  12. New members of the African oil club have fared no better.
  13. There is no better passport into any situation than your personality,
  14. And there is no better way to describe Baerga right now.
  15. In no better place is it evident than on the mound.
  16. The rest of the Bosnian Serb structure is faring no better.
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